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If you are injured or have taken an overdose, Call 999 or go to A&E immediately.
If you are having a mental health crisis, phone 0808 196 3779 to speak to a mental health professional 24/7

Bereavements and loss

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Bereavement and Loss

Has someone you care about died or are they seriously ill?

When someone you care about dies or is seriously ill, it is very difficult. There’s no right or wrong way to feel, but it’s natural to have strong reactions. If an animal you love dies, this can be very upsetting too. People can feel scared, confused, numb, or out of control. You might even feel like you’ll never feel OK again. These feelings will change over time– it’s really tough, but certain things can help you cope.

If you're grieving, this is for you

Watch this video from Young Minds, and visit their website for more.

How can I deal with this?

  • Try to talk to your family and other adults in your life, even if this feels hard or even impossible.
  • Do something practical like creating a memory box with photos and objects that reminds you of the person who has died.
  • When someone has died, think about having your own memorial. This doesn’t have to be a funeral, here are some ideas e.g. writing letters, poems and songs, drawing pictures, lighting a candle, planting a tree.
  • Try to stay active, spend time with friends and keep to your normal routine as much as possible.

Who can I talk to?

Try to talk to someone you trust. Even if they’re grieving too, it could help them to share their feelings. Your school or college/university should also offer support – talk to a member of staff who you trust. If you would prefer to talk to someone you don’t know, check out the 'Get Help' links further down the page.

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