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If you are injured or have taken an overdose, Call 999 or go to A&E immediately.
If you are having a mental health crisis, phone 0808 196 3779 to speak to a mental health professional 24/7

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Independent Living

Are you moving out or living on you own?

Leaving your home and living on your own, or with friends for the first time, can be exciting and worrying. You may be worried about being able to look after yourself, if you will have enough money or getting used to your new home.

Everyone has reasons for wanting to live on their own. These could be:

  • wanting to live independently
  • not getting on with your family
  • being forced to leave
  • moving away to university

The worry of leaving and living on your own can have an impact on how you feel and how you cope. If you are struggling, talk to someone you know and ask for help, or check out the Get Help Now links.

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Get Help Now

Here are a list of services that can help with independent living. The icons below tell you the type of support available.

  • Email Email
  • Phone Phone


City and County

age Under 27

  • Web chat Web chat
  • Phone Phone

Shelter England

City and County

age All Ages

  • Phone Phone
  • In person In person

Leaving Care Service Nottinghamshire


age 16-25

  • Phone Phone
  • In person In person

Leaving Care Service Nottingham City


age 16-25

  • Directory Directory
  • In person In person


City and County

age All Ages

map marker - locate services near you

Which services can I access?

Some of the services available operate only within city or the wider county area. Pop your postcode in below to quickly check which services are available to you 

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